Why Network Box

You might be aware that cyber security is becoming vital issue for all kinds of businesses. If you’re asking yourself why network box? here’s what we do:

Mission Statement

Network Box MEA & Turkey company mission is to produce, configure and maintain effective, affordable, computer security systems to protect the computer systems of enterprises of all sizes. We believe that all companies, regardless of size, should be afforded the same level of protection.if you’re asking yourself why network box?


Computer Security is a process, not just a box. World class technology needs to be expertly installed, configured, managed and updated in order to remain effective. Network Box Security Specialists sit down with each customer to determine their exact requirements and priorities. Then, they install and configure the Network Box to suit the customized requirements of that individual client.

The Global Network of Network Box “Security Operation Centers” monitors and manages every Network Box 24×7 year round (including environment, hardware, operating system, security modules and performance measures). Updated threat protection signatures and software packages are installed as soon as they are available, using Network Box proprietary PUSH technology. 3DES encryption and 2048bit RSA authentication keys protect the management and monitoring communication channels.

All Network Box Security Operation Centers and Service Centers offer help desk support, with a range of SLA options (including “Self Managed”, “Remote Managed 8×5” and “Remote Managed 24×7”) to match customer requirements.

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